Can you recommend an organizer or agenda widget for Windows 7?
Question by David Morgan-Kane /
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I run a busy business schedule, and I have lost my written agenda 3 times in Barcelona. I think it is time I go digital!

I want a widget on my screen (Windows 7 compatible), that displays what I am doing in the near future, and gives me the usability to add extra events and times of classes etc etc. I live on my computer, it comes everywhere with me, but with so many different widgets to download, which is best? HELP!

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Answers (3)
  • Calendar Girl

    You can try Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning calendar extension. Lightning was once a separate program simultaneously available as Mozilla Sunbird; Sunbird is still available, but development has been shifted to the Lightning project.

    IMHO TB and SB/Lightning makes for a simpler yet infinitely more extensible (and far cheaper, as in $0) version of M$ Outlook. Thunderbird handles your email while Lightning works as a calendar/datebook. I don't know about onscreen "widgets," but there are literally dozens of plugins available at Mozilla's website, and quite possibly a third-party widget that displays your calendar on screen.

    Another option is to have recognizable alerts for emails, schedule events, and tasks. Still another is to link your calendar to some sort of updating service, like RSS or iCal, and have it displayed via an onscreen feed. Windows (Vista/7) has its own RSS "gadget," as does Google's Gadgets, Yahoo! Widgets, and countless others.

    The most barebones approach would be onscreen sticky notes, like digital Post-It notes for your computer screen. 3M, the makers of the "offline" sticky notes, even have a (paid-for) program that does the same thing! Windows 7 has Stickies built-in; not sure about Vista, but there are other programs for XP, Vista, Linux, Mac and cross-platform. Good resources for organizing one's effects are David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD), Leo Babauta's Zen Habits, and Ariane de Bonvoisin's The First 30 Days.

    Best of luck in your efforts, and remember to breathe :D


    Hello, if you use windows live mail or google calendar, you could also the following:

    You could also download a gadget pack from Microsoft:

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