Can you recommend a free keystroke recorder?
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I have heard that some internet cafes have a dangerous software installed that records every single keystroke that you type. On public computers this is of course illegal and highly dangerous.

However, I have been thinking lately that for my own personal use this might be quite useful, as I often type something but lose it later. For example, if the internet connection gets cut off just when I click submit, this text that I am writing now gets lost.

Is there a free and legal and not dangerous program available that would record every keystroke that I type myself? I already have a software that records everything from my clipboard, i.e. whenever I copy something, it gets saved, but now I would like to be able to have a record of texts even if I don’t copy them. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (4)
  • Anonymous

    I think I have a recorder on me pc. What do I do?

  • Oron Joffe

    In addition to the excellent points made above, not that a keylogger won't always be of much help in the scenarios you describe, since it only records keystrokes, not mouse clicks or other navigational events. While it may help when retyping emails, for example, it would not help much with web forms (you'd need to spend time figuring out what went where, instead of simply refilling the form).
    If you find that your connection goes offline too often, here are a few other options:
    - If you use GMail, use Firefox or Chrome and have Gears installed, which will allow you to work either online or offline.
    - If you are typing a long piece of text, use notepad or a local word processor, then copy and paste into your online application (I do this frequently).
    - If the problem is really serious, use local programs (.e.g Office, Thunderbird etc) for most of your work. It's not written anywhere that you *must* use an unreliable system!

  • Mike

    Here are some results I found through a quick Google Search

    However chances are your AntiVirus/AntiMalware software will start complaining or delete them in the first place.
    Or in other words: If it doesn't you should think about getting another security software for your own safety!

    You should also know that you put yourself at risk by allowing and using a keylogger on your system! A keylogger will monitor pretty much every keystroke, email address, username and password you put in. This data can be stolen from it's logging destination or if it's more recent via it's memory footprint. Also someone might figure a way out to "highjack" the keylogger you allowed to run for his/her own purpose.

    • Aibek

      Regarding the issues with AntiVirus/AntiMalware software, you should be able to add the keylogger to the exceptions list so that your security program doesn't block it.

      On another note, I agree with Oron (comment below) and don't think that keylogger will really help in your situation. Refer to recommendations Oron provided.

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