Can you recommend an eMail client to replace Outlook Express?
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Non-Web Based Email Programs

I prefer to not use webmail for our non-profit business. With Outlook Express going “away” soon, what is there that is as great as that program is/was? Thank you.

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Answers (22)
  • Jackisahorse

    I have tried Thunderbird twice now and I don't like it nearly as much as Outlook Express. Their message "filters" are clunky compared to OE - there is one dinky window to type in (and I have over 100 rules I have developed over the years as new spam comes on board) - you can only see 3 terms at a time, rather than a list you can easily scroll through, which makes trying to check what you have practically impossible...

  • Alex Krenvalk

    My experience in this sphere quite big. But some times I had like problems and didn't resolve theirs. Fortunately I discovered the good solution to my mind, which decided my troubles within short time and perhaps can be useful in like this condition - open dbx files.

  • Gladius Primus


  • Paul

    Or you could always use Evolution. It too is cross platform i.e. Linux & Window$. Performs in a similar manner to Micro$oft Outlook, but FOSS (FREE open source software)

  • Jacob


    Thunderbird being my most recommended. Many apps and others. Fast loading.
    Incredimail being recommended if you like all the fun stuff :). Slow on some computers but it has come a long way. Also free but has a paid version.

  • Deena Diamond

    WinLiveMail is what happens when MS took OutlookExpress and did their absolute best to trash it and make it painfully slow and try to force you into WinMessenger. Use Thunderbird! It's FOSS (FREE Open Source Software), it's much more stable than any MS counterpart, it links up with Sunbird (calendar software) it can easily be used from a USB drive (, it has hundreds of plugins for special features and best of all it's cross-platform. Use it on any flavor of Windoze, Linux, Mac, etc.

  • ShunkW

    I went through this a couple of years back when my Outlook bit the big one and personally I found Eudora much better for me than Thunderbird. Looks like they also have a new open source beta out....

  • TheWilson

    eM client is a really overlooked alternative.

    • John Wallace

      Glad that someone else likes eM Client. I've been using it for 18 months now and I think it's the best Outlook alternative there is.

  • Hristo Barakov

    The Bat!

    • Anonymous

      Ahh, yes. The Bat! One of the most sophisticated email client that
      I've tried. It's not free but highly recommended if you are a power
      user and have several bucks to spare.

  • rodney dey

    there are several alternative for outlook express....
    1. Mozilla Thunderbird
    2. Pegasus
    3. Pine
    4. Eudoria, and several others

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