How can I forward something received on Facebook to someone’s email address?
Question by Kathy /

I received a video on Facebook and would like to forward it to somebody’s email account. Can this be done? If so, how?

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Answers (3)
  • Jay

    If the video you recieved was hosted on youtube or any other site, you can forward the links of youtube.
    if the video was posted on facebook, you should forward the link of facebook, and that person can view the video only if he is signed in FB and the video is not private.
    else you will have to download the video with some software and send it to the mail id.

  • Ravi Shankar

    There are lots of programs to download videos from the internet… But if the video was private (i.e. shared only to a specific group of users incl. you), AFAIK, only Freemake Video Downloader can download it once you enter username and password. Give it a try:

  • Roy

    The video may be hosted on a website other than Facebook, such as YouTube. If so, when it finishes playing you can click to view it there, and then send the link to anyone via email.

    Unless this video was created by the friend who shared it with you and has only been uploaded to Facebook, there’s a pretty good chance that it exists elsewhere on the internet. Searching for the title of the video on YouTube or Google Video Search might turn up some results.

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