Why did I receive an email from Facebook about a deactivated account?

Kumquat McGillicuddy April 28, 2012
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I deactivated another Facebook account over a year ago and I got an email the other day saying “Getting back onto Facebook?”.

It’s the email you get when you enter the wrong password and I know it’s from Facebook because of the return address (update+oj=02t=6@facebookmail.com).

I sent something to this account from my new account and I did a password recovery and received these emails 1…notification+oj=02t=6@facebookmail.com 2…password+oj=02t=6@facebookmail.com

So I am wondering, did someone try to hack my account or did Facebook send it out for me to reactivate it because my friend has an account and hasn’t used it in a while and she gets notifications from Facebook about “you have friends request” and “you been tagged in a photo” and stuff?

Thank you!

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