How do I re-allocate hard drive space from D: to C:?
Question by Nicole Lazos Bonomo /
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My  C: drive is full, I have shrunk the D: drive and now have 116.94GB of un-allocated space but I am not presented with the option to extend the C: volume. C: has all my program files so dont want to reformat or I will wipe the operating system and other program files. How do I allocate the free disc space to my existing C drive?

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Answers (10)
  • Kim Mehta

    I have IBM Think-pad laptop. I have Window-7 system. The total capacity of the internal drive is 187 GB. The internal hard drive is partitioned as C drive - 48.7 GB and F drive - 137 GB. The C drive is used only to Install programs ( applications) software. All data is stored in the F drive. Also I have an external hard rive G - 298 GB.
    Problem : my C drive is all most full. Only 1.88 GB free space is left on the C drive. I need more space on my "C" partition. how can I do it. I have 54 GB free space left on the "F" partition of the internal drive.

    My Preference: If possible move all of my data from F partition to my external drive. Move partition of the internal drive to make F drive of only 4 GB and the C drive of (48.7 + 50 = 98.7 GB).

    Need Help: I do not know how to do it successfully. Can it be done and how.



    Hello, I would recommend using the free version of EASEUS Partition Master Home edition. It is easy to use and you can shrink, merge, create partitions, etc. Here is the link:

    The following are the steps provided by EASEUS on how to merge partitions:

    Hope it helps

  • abood

    my hard drive c is full no space 80GB in my hard drivr E more spase 1TB
    so how i can make hard drive c Make more space (500GB)
    kindly HELP (-_-)

  • raja

    format a disk drives other than c:.then u get an option to extend drive wil be helpful for u.

  • Bruce Epper

    Paragon Software provides several tools that can help with this process as well and I have never had an issue while using them.  They have a free partition manager available here  There is a paid version for $10 that has more features and will work on multi-boot systems (the free version doesn't).  They also have a full range of other drive management products as well if you ever have need for them.

    I have no vested interest in recommending their products, just a very satisfied user.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    To increase the size of C: drive, EaseUS Partition Master is simple tool to do so.

    EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition -

    Caution : Before performing any operations,backup your data.

    How to increase free space on C drive using  EaseUS Partition Master -

  • Alan Trinder

    your c drive needs to have the free space next to it. I use a handy thing called mini tool partition wizard home edition that I downloaded.

  • Carpenter__RichardCarpenter

    Well, If you have XP you will have to use a program (Gparted, etc.) to charge the partion. In Win 7 it has the option in disk management.

    Gparted is a LiveCD that will let you do want you want, while minimizing damage. You can get it here: 

    Also here are some screenshots:

    If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

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