How do I put scanned pics from my printer to my photos on Facebook?
Question by Courtney Holsted /

I want to scan photos with my printer and and put them on Facebook. How can I do that?

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Answers (4)
  • yvonne miller

    i can not scan my old pics onto my computer! i want to put some of them on facebook! my all in one is not scanning! do i need a certain program on my computer to do this???

  • Irshaad Abdool

    the best way for you to do it, is to scan it to you computer then upload it as any other image file

  • Dave Parrack

    Scan them on to your computer, edit them using a free program such as Paint.NET or even MS Paint, and then upload them to Facebook by clicking on Photos in the left-hand sidebar and then Upload Photos at the top of the screen. Simple.

  • Denis Paley

    I use a little app I got from Facebook to do this exact task. I find it works great,besides uploading the photos it will also resize them if you need to. Here is the link to this app:

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