How can I put a DVD on a USB stick?
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How can I put a DVD movie or show on a USB stick?

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Answers (21)
  • Tony Gonzaga

    copy only the .vob file (for movies). for installers, use winUSBMaker.

  • Tony Gonzaga

    copy only the .vob file (for movies). for installers, use winUSBMaker.

  • Adam Campbell

    Use Handbrake to rip the dvds. Handbrake can create mp4 and mkv files.

  • Saurav Azad

    copy it and paste it on usb . or use the content to burn an usb using software like nero or demontools

  • Dave Rimmer

    Put the DVD into the DVD drive of your PC then plug your USB stick into a USB slot. Click on my Computer you should see the USB stick and the DVD drive, open it don’t click on it, you should see the DVD files, right click on it and choose Copy, now open the USB stick right click on it and choose Paste, the DVD files should now be copying on it just wait for it to finish.

  • Alex Perkins

    Rip it using HandBrake, then copy the file it creates to the USB flash drive.

  • Matty G Arroyo

    you do that by buying the DVD USB put the disc in and plug the end to the computer AND THERE .

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    if it’s a movie, copy the video or .vob files. or else, just copy and paste!

  • Patrick Jackson

    There are three methods to do so depending on the content:

    1. Copy and paste the DVD’s content (if only documents, pictures, etc. are present) to your USB device,
    2. Burn an ISO (for bootable disks) or rip the DVD (for media) to USB, or
    3. Make a Live USB installation (For OS, mainly Linux).

    I hope this helps!

  • kumar raja

    its simple yar just copy and paste into ur USB other wise use
    teracopy software to copy speed

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