Why do all of my programs open in Google Chrome and why can I not download anything?
Question by Kendall Harp /
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Everytime I click on my shortcuts or try to download anything, it won’t let me. So, what am I supposed to do now?

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Answers (6)
  • Ben Mordecai

    You have Malware. You need to scan and remove it.

    Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and you will need to kill any rogue applications. Download Malwarebytes and run it.

    If all else fails, back everything up and reinstall the OS.

  • Irshaad Abdool

    maybe its the file associations problem.

  • Alan Wade

    As far as all your shortcuts opening (or attempting to) in Chrome then type file associations in the search box on the right. There are just too many posts to list them.

    Is there an error message when you try to download anything?

  • ha14

    if you can use windows restore point, then just restore to the date whn everythi ng was fine.

    -- right click on start button
    -- select properties
    -- in start menu tab, click on customize
    -- find the default programs entry and make sure to mark box next to it
    -- click on ok, then apply and then ok

    -- click on start and type default programs
    -- click on default programs
    -- click on set your default programs and wait for it to load

  • GrrGrrr

    do ur shortcuts still look the same?
    have u made any recent changes to ur system
    what protection do u have on ur system

    Do a scan with MBAM below:

    Does this problem happen only in Chrome, or other browsers also?

  • StefanyBaez

    Have you uninstalled - reinstalled it yet? Give that a try and let us know. Though it sounds a little like a virus to me, try scanning your computer with your antivirus as well.

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