How can I use technology and gadgets without being overwhelmed and staying productive?

Paul April 2, 2011
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I use your website daily and sometimes find items of interest there. As a little bit of background, I’m 6x, live in the US, and work full-time manipulating electronic files. I consider myself productive when I am immersed in what I am doing. But, I have no cell phone, no Blackberry, no laptop, no other electronic gadget other than an MP3 player, and I really do not feel that I need any electronic gadget, or to be connected to others on a nearly constant basis.

I realize that many people younger than myself are up to their ears in technology and gadgets, and that these things may help their productivity and lives in general. But how does someone of my age usefully engage in technology without being swallowed by it? Perhaps productivity should be thought of in the attached illustration.

Again, thanks for the website, for it provides me with useful insights and tools.

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