Gustavo Ibarguengoytia

How come my printer defaults at 15 copies for every print job and how can I fix it?

27 Apr 2011
27 Apr 2011 | |

I am using an HP Office Jet Pro K8600 and the PC is running Windows XP. I access this printer through another PC running Windows 7 (that is the PC sharing the printer).

On my PC all programs (Acrobat Reader, MS Word, Excel, pictures etc.) default at 15 copies, so if I do a Quick Print job it sends 15 copies automatically. I have to set the number of copies to 1 (or whatever).

I have tried removing the printer from my system and reinstalling it from the provided CD, didn’t work. I have tried changing the printers config in my PC and the host PC through the Windows Control Panel >Printer Properties and Printer Options (and Advance Options) and nothing.

Maybe I am not looking hard enough or in the correct place, HP website doesn’t help at all and the internet has failed to provide an answer.

Any ideas? Anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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