How come my printer defaults at 15 copies for every print job and how can I fix it?
Question by Gustavo Ibarguengoytia /

I am using an HP Office Jet Pro K8600 and the PC is running Windows XP. I access this printer through another PC running Windows 7 (that is the PC sharing the printer).

On my PC all programs (Acrobat Reader, MS Word, Excel, pictures etc.) default at 15 copies, so if I do a Quick Print job it sends 15 copies automatically. I have to set the number of copies to 1 (or whatever).

I have tried removing the printer from my system and reinstalling it from the provided CD, didn’t work. I have tried changing the printers config in my PC and the host PC through the Windows Control Panel >Printer Properties and Printer Options (and Advance Options) and nothing.

Maybe I am not looking hard enough or in the correct place, HP website doesn’t help at all and the internet has failed to provide an answer.

Any ideas? Anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (5)
  • Cartridge Shop

    The only thing that I can think of to help is double check, like @b051cfabbe8e6596c47455b265b23f36:disqus  mentioned, that you don’t have set profiles on your printer, as I have had a similar problem and found that a default profile was saving the unwanted settings.

  • Jack Cola

    Depending on your OS, for Windows, go to start menu, locate the printers link. Right click on your printer and select printing preferences. You should (depending on your printer) see an option like default or Save (I am not talking about the Apply and Ok buttons) If you do, modify your settings (Copies = 1), and click on save/set default)

    Hopefully that will do the trick.


    • Gustavo Ibarguengoytia

      The printer options nor the preferences have a field to determine the amount of copies I want to do, so this solution is not possible on this printer.

      Thanks for your help!


    Hello, do you know if your printer has the option to collate/uncollate? Check your preferences and see if it does. Usually when printers have this option, if it is set to uncollate, it will print multiple copies and if it is set to collate it will only print one copy. It is worth a shot….. Also check if you can set profiles on your printer options. If you can, make a new profile with the options you want, for example, make one copy and save the profile. Everytime you want to print only one copy set that profile on your configuration and it should only print one copy.

    • Gustavo Ibarguengoytia

      Thanks for your reply unfortunately that didn’t seem to solve the problem.

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