How can I prevent my phone from being tapped?
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I was on a “question and answer” forum, REDIFF, to be exact. When I was on a phone conversation with a friend, the same conversation was being asked in question forum, continuously for 10 minutes. After noticing this, I kept the conversation going, but changed the topic. The questions on that forum kept changing too, according to my conversation. This scared me, and I knew for sure my phone was tapped. Please help me!

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Answers (13)
  • scotty

    If you are being tap, their must be reason for it so; therefore, get burn phone meaning phone that can be buy from anywhere in store, it runs by mins and when you set it up you don't have to give any of your information out on it but once you call land line that is being tap then your phone will be tap once again. So buy two burn phones just in cast. I wish you best luck

  • blondie

    How do you untap certain people from your phone if they hrrassed you not the cops

  • noturbusiness

    This is true ! Ive had the same problems on my home phone. People calling from a fimilar number but it wasnt them.

    Sometimes robbers call you and ask information, then they call the other person as if it were you, telling them to meet you. Scary !

    I suggest we all hide in our house and lock the doors and windows.

  • Sterling

    Cell phones are easy to tap these days if someone has access to your for a few minutes while you are not around. Chances are that what you described is a coincedence but anything is possible these day. The best way to rid your phone of malicious spyware is to perform a factory reset. More information can be found at

  • sheilasho

    Long shot here, but, you don't happen to have an older cordless landline do you? I used to listen to my neighborhood phone conversations on a simple sxanner.

  • muotechguy

    Your phone is not being tapped. Here's what's actually happening:

    You're imagining a connection where this is none; the human mind is adept at doing this. I once spoke to cookie monster on a live tv broadcast. He answered everything I said, and was talking JUST to me. How awesome is that? I was 6.

    You're not crazy; you're just attributing patterns between the forum posting and your own conversation, then theorising as to how this would be possible. If you take a moment to think logically about this, you'll see it's just unrelated.

  • TwooshVidisha

    There are signs to tell if your mobile phone or PC has been hacked and ways you can stop your gadgets being tapped by people with malicious intension. Check with your mobile network carrier and ask record of your calls. Your mobile network carrier may have process in place tu run a diagnostic test to detect of your phone is being tapped or hacked. I got to learn more on this from this article, check it out if you want to learn more

  • Ben

    Preventing a phone tap, from what I know is not possible. However, detecting a phone tap can be accomplished by talking to your service provider. Depending on your kind of phone (cell/landline), there are software tools you can use to detect a phone tap though they seem to either not work very well or require you to have a high telecommunications technology aptitude. Google 'Phone tap detectors' to check them out.

  • Dalsan

    Is this a home phone or cell phone? If it is a home phone, call the phone company and ask them to check the lines for you. If it is a cell phone that is a smart phone, install antivirus software like Lookout Mobile to see if there is any malware on your device. Best advice either way would be to call the phone company and let then know what is going on.

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