How can I prevent friends of friends from commenting on my Facebook photos?
Question by Mustafa /

Under the new Facebook privacy settings, how can I prevent my friends’ friends, i.e. friends of friends from commenting on my photos?

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Answers (23)
  • Kpopaagift

    how can i open my facebook that was blocked by someone?

  • Kpopaagift

    how can open my facebook that was blocked by someone else?

  • Julie

    what i had to do (and its a lot of work, unfortunately) is make a group of friends that includes all your friends. I call mine “pictures friends” and then when you make an album make it visible only to that group of friends.
    The hardest part is starting the group and then everytime you add a friend you need to remember to add them to that group. This way only your friends are visible of the picture. even if someone is tagged it doesnt show up on their page.

    i’d love to go back to the days of visible without stranger comments (i had my FB on lockdown, page only visible to friends, yet still had this problem), but i have a sneaky suspicion thats not gonna happen =(

    hope this helped

  • AYA

    I hope this will help. This work on my video. Click edit video .CHoose CUSTOM. Make this visible to: FRIENDS . . and uncheck FRIENDS OF THOSE TAGGED.

  • Nic

    nothing is working it’s so annoying having friends of friends commenting on your photos

  • Antony

    I tried to figure this out many times… no way. As long as you have friends tagged in your pictures, their friends can also comment your own pictures.

    That’s very annoying in my case, because I’m currently studying abroad, and so I have friends from many different countries. So I can see people commented my own profile in russian, slovenian, etc…

  • BlogGirl

     I found a solution for this problem; however, as the commenter above said this should be done manually for each photo. I guess Album Setting doesn’t work anymore.

  • Plumsource

    I’ve just tried to figure it out as well. The only way I can see is if you manually do it for EACH PICTURE!! Bottom right options “Share with: Friends (+) Edit” and click edit. But who’s gonna sit through editing ALL their shots! This needs sorting Facebook!

  • Anushka22

    I can’t believe there’s no way to change this!

  • luckymom22

    I agree with Sas. Time to make complaints!!

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