How can I prevent Firefox from clearing the Cache automatically?
Question by Aditya /

I am using Firefox 4 and whenever I restart my browser, the cache files are being deleted. I want them to be deleted only when I manually delete them.

I did not face this problem with earlier versions of Firefox.

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Answers (6)
  • Tina


    you can turn off automatic clearing of the cache in Firefox 4. Go to > Tools / Firefox > Options > Privacy tab. Either uncheck the > Clear history when Firefox closes or click the > Settings… button and uncheck > Cache. Ok your changes and you should be good.

    • Aditya Saraf

      Thanks for your reply.

      But I had already unchecked that option before and the problem still persists.

      It is only Cache that is being deleted my Browsing and Search History is being preserved.

    • Aditya Saraf

      Thanks for your reply.

      As you mentioned, that option is already unchecked. Moreover, I am facing this issue only with Cache. Browsing and Search History is being preserved.

    • Tina


      how can you tell that your cache is cleared?

      Did you uncheck the > Clear history option or just the > Cache option within > Settings?

      There are also options to clear site data within the > Settings, maybe that’s what you are experiencing, i.e. the clearing of offline website data and site preferences.

    • Aditya Saraf

      Problem solved……

      I did some changes in about:config and under Options>Advanced>Network> Unchecked “Override automatic cache management”

      Now, the cache is preserved even if I restart my browser.

      To answer how can I tell that my cache is being cleared everytime I restart the browser:

      I use the Firefox Addon “Brief” RSS Feed Reader. Every time I restart the browser, all the images in MUO posts are being reloded, which was not the case earlier.


    • Tina

      Thanks a lot for sharing your solution, Aditya!

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