How can I prevent dust from entering my laptop?

Til Man April 13, 2012
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About half a year ago, my laptop started becoming slower and slower and hotter and hotter. As I didn’t find any software issues, I contacted Dell’s support. The conclusion was that the motherboard had to be exchanged. Well, when the support guy came, he noticed that there was a lot of dust inside. In addition to exchanging the motherboard he cleaned the dust, so then everything was fine.

However, now I am again experiencing again the first symptoms as half a year ago: The cooling fan is unusually loud (i.e. turned on all the time) and the laptop feels hotter than normal. Therefore, I assume that there is again too much dust inside.

Please note that I use the laptop ONLY on my desk in an office environment! Is it normal that dust causes such problems? I don’t think exchanging the motherboard every six months is a solution :D But what is? I certainly have no clue how to open the laptop by myself.

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