Why do posts disappear from my Facebook wall?
Question by alan kirsch /
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My posts last on the wall a short time. Is there a way to retrieve them once gone? I don’t delete them.

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Answers (16)
  • steve erdmann

    It’s been happening to me – over 200 postings since march, 2012. No, its not my spam – they are doing it at Facebook – for a joke – or something. Because they can get by with it? A gross malfunction? A multibillion dollar company who can’t be professional enough to do a good job as to what their company advertises? Incompetent employees? Facebook hackster? Whatever, it needs to stop. Steve Erdmann. P.o. BOX 18863, ST. LOUIS, MO. 63118.

  • Marsh

    I am having the exact same problem, but only when using
    fb app on iPhone. I have been tracking them and it happens
    totally at random, they are never offensive/shocking posts. Have
    checked old posts. No problems when posts are done via laptop
    or pc. Is it a fb app problem or an apple problem?

  • Subha

    Ok …. I figured out the solution to this problem… I have looked around in google and facebook itself and many seem to have reported this kind of problem but there seems no solution yet. First I thought all my old posts got deleted but there is a link called “Activity log”
    on the left hand menu(all the way down) on your profile page. When you go there you can select any date and see your activity on a particluar day and I gave some random dates and saw all my activity and data I posted on those days. So it was clear that my data was not deleted and there is probably some
    “status” messup in the database. The issue I was having was.. not only my old posts seemed deleted but the “Old Posts” link and the link “Edit Options” link next to also both disappered and instead it was showing “There are no more old posts”. Actually this is a bug on face book end. Even if there are no old posts, the “Edit Options” link should show.
    The “Edit Options” link is the one which you can use to control what stories/recent activity etc you want to show or hide on your
    profile page. I had recently used my “edit options” to change some stuff around my profile page but my “old posts” disappearing was not an immediate effect. It happened quite some time after that. The other day I wanted to change something on my profile page and went all the way down to my profile page to see lot of my old posts diappeared
    and the “Old posts” link and the “Edit options” link diappeared too. So basically I was not able to control my profile page as “Edit options” link was missing. Ok this is the back ground of the problem. Now coming to the solution..

    Go ahead and post some random post on your wall repeatedly(be sure to set the view to “only Me”)… other wise your friends will think you have gone crazy to see the same post over and over:) Post it so many times that the page has to force to paginate itself and then all the way down the “Older posts” and the “Edit Options” links both appear.
    To my surprise when both these links appeared back, all my old posts also showed up. Face book is full of surprises :) I felt so happy to see all my old posts back!! I hope this helps some one going through a similar porblem.

    • Danhola

      I´ve been reporting it for a whole week, and I only get automated responses from Facebook, nobody contacted me to provide a solution or even an explanation…and yes, my posts keep disappearing.

    • Jay.0

      Unfortunately, that’s all we can do, because it’s facebook bug.
      Initially, I did not even believe that posts are getting disappeared.
      Did you try to reach to those posts with their links?
      May be you can access them with the links?

    • Danhola

      Well, I don´t really want to sound harsh in here, but to start with, you could at least answer the reports I´ve been sending (and when I say “you” I don´t mean you personally, of course, but Facebook staff).
      That, or removing the Help reports sending, since it seems to be useless, frustrating and a waste of time for users, all packed together.
      It´s a bug? Well, shit happens…bugs happen all the time, that´s what updates and patches are made for. Ask Microsoft about that…
      Right now Facebook has stopped notifying me anything, anymore…only way to see if someone has commented or liked my posts is scrolling down the little “news” menu on the top right corner of my start screen. And I can only see the first line of their comments, because there is no more room for the rest, and when I open them, I can see my post, but not the comments on it.
      So, may I assume Facebook is not gonna work properly anymore, because of a bug?? Excuse me, but that sounds kinda ridiculous to me.

    • Jay.0

      I can understand, I guess it happens with me also, but temporary.
      just keep the link of the post saved  and go to the link when they disappear.

      Now, as you say you receive comment notification, and the comments also disappear when you open them. sometimes it is temporary, check it next day, and you may see them !

      Alternatives to read the comments :
      1)Read the comments from email notification.
      2) activate text notifications.

    • Jay.0

      And do you mean “news feed” by “scrolling down the little “news” menu on the top right corner of my start screen”?

      I hope you are using firefox/chrome
      and not internet explorer.
      Use facebook with https enabled, that also solves some errors.

    • Danhola

      Lol, yes, that should be the “news feed”. Which is kinda weird, seeing there others commenting my posts, but not being able to open and see them.
      I actually said I don´t receive any notifications anymore…haven´t received any for the last week or so.In fact, things are getting better, now I can´t even open my account, seems to be “temporarily down”…hope they are finally trying to fix that.By the way, I´m using Chrome, or rarely Firefox. I uninstalled Explorer ages ago.
      Hey, but thanks for your interest anyway!

    • Jay.0

      ok, for the notifications…
      check this link or account setting> notifications.

      Just make sure, you have the correct settings for notifications.
      and also uncheck the “send me important…” checkbox to receive more email notifications.

  • Jay

    1. someone reported it.
    2. someone deleted it from your profile if not you.
    3. i have never experienced this.

    but as i ssqw, many fb users are saying this on net.

    is there any pattern ? only particular type of posts get removed?

    i think i have experienced this once, but the posts or comments are not actually deleted, they appear once again.

    to track this, i will advise you to
     copy the link of post. and bookmark it.
    if it gets disappeared, go to bookmarks and open the post.
    then we can get a cleaere idea, whehter the post is removed or invisible.

  • naina

    Why are my wall posts disappearing? I don’t delete them. They are not offensive. One is just a picture of a face plus innocent comments, i.e. cute, nice, etc. The other is a child’s cartoon.

  • Craig Snyder

    It is a possibility that you content is being marked as abusive or spam if you are posting any questionable content or linking to an outside source that contains racy ads, or things of that nature.

  • Jay

    Click on “Old posts”.
    They remain on wall unless you remove them.

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