How can I post multiple photos in a single Facebook update as a mosaic?
Question by Dr.Sunil Vaswani /
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How can I post multiple photos in a single Facebook update as a mosaic? Must I post them as an album.

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Answers (14)
  • kumar raja

    Photoshop is nice one and u can create it with high resolution

  • Riya Banerjee

    There are tons of mosaic apps on facebook. Just search mosaic in fb search bar.

    • Sunil

      It seems that they work only for friends' photos

      Please specify an app which could work for any photos uploaded

  • Vince Akon

    You need to make the mosaic through some editing software before posting. Or ask Facebook help.

  • Ken Evans

    You can indeed place photo mosaics up on facebook, try using these apps. They both worked for me!

    When initiated these apps will automatically make a collage of the photos in your facebook profile and randomly place them into the spaces needed. If you are not happy you can remove the undersirable images repeatedly until you are happy for the process to complete. Good luck ;-)

  • Anonymous

    If you have an iphone, you can use Facebook Camera, otherwise: you have to create a photo album, upload multiple photos to that album, and then publish the album as a status update

  • Yiz Borol

    Facebook doesn't offer any way to make mosaics with your photos, That being said, Picasa, which is by a itself a great way to manage your photos in general, has a built in mosaic/collage function, all you have to do is select the photos and it will put them all together in a cool way (you can read more about it Here: )

  • Harry Barnes

    There is an app called friendmosaic which does it for you

  • Anonymous

    Use Picasa to make a mosaic of images and then upload to Facebook.

  • Ahmed Khalil

    edit the photos you need to add then upload it to facebook as one photo

  • Raj Sarkar

    You need to edit them using some editor before posting.

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