How do I post to my friend’s Facebook wall?
Question by yasin /
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There are many posts of my friends on my wall but when I upload my post it only appears on my wall. Please help me that I can also apply my posts on my friends walls.

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Answers (6)
  • Jay

    Hello Yasin,
    First of all, note the difference: click on home : you will see news feed.
    click on profile you will see wall.
    you can read this, on the left side

    Reading your question :

    There are many posts of my friends on my wall:
    It is not your wall, it is your homepage or wall news feed.
    news feed shows all the updates by friends, when they post a status, video, photo etc, it will appear on your news feed,
    so it is not your wall, it is your news feed.

    when I upload my post it only appears on my wall
    Yes, it is your wall, and it will appear on the news feed of your friends.

    Please help me that I can also apply my posts on my friends walls.
    when you update your status or post a post on your page, it will appear on the newsfeed/home page of your friends. like you are seeing many from your frinds.

    Thats the way FB works, you can update your status etc , and it will appear your frinds feeds, your friends update something, it will appear on your news feed.

    coming to posting on each other wall,
    you have to go another person's profile and write something and click post.
    But this not the thing you want to do.
    as you want all your frinds to see your post, it is called status update, it will be shown to  ll of your friends on their news feed.
    so you are doing the right thing. so don't worry.

  • Mjevolve

    there is nothing special you need to go. 

    click on your friends photo , 
    their page would come up , 
    type all you want and click Post .
    Done .

    your message will be posted on your friends walls .
    and you would also get a wall message .( so on so posted on so and so's wall )

    however , 
    if its still not visible , 
    then your friend might have his privacy settings set to not show any wall postings from you or from any anyone .

    • Jay

      "If it is still not visible"
      It is not possible.
      If there is an option to post there is no privacy applied, if there is privacy applied, there will be no option to post on wall.
      You will only see the posts by the person.

      Rest of your comment is correct, but I think, does not applies here.

    • Mjevolve

      ok .. 
      i guess it used to work this way  when i used to use FB .
      might have changed now .
      how i despise the FB , i dont use it ....  :)

    • Jay

      May be they changed it for this reason only, so the peolpe will not keep looking for their posts they posted.
      They should let friends post and see at least their own posts.

      There was(is:) a site called by goole, which had such option, you can write and read your own scraps (posts) on the scapbook of a person.

    • Jay

      hello, I am not sure, what happened, It is an overnight update, or it was my misunderstanding.
      Facebook works eaxctly the same the way I said it should be.

      You can post on a friend's wall, and the post will not disappear.
      you will be able to see the post by you.
      and not by other friends.

      I think they are reading MUO answers :)

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