Why does a pop-up appear when I try to watch video?
Question by cindy /
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When I watch a video a little box pops up and says that Adobe Flash Player wants the site to store stuff on my PC. I click no all the time, but it appears with every video and sometimes even when I click no it doesn’t go away.

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Answers (12)
  • Foogly

    Right click on the videos you watch and click on global settings, (this solution may only be on chrome users) and click on the setting you want. Allow sites to store info on your comp. (automatically allows the video to store info on your computer without the hassle of annoying pop-ups, has a security risk though) Ask me if new sites want to store info on your comp. (your current option) and finally, block all sites from storing info on my computer. (i guess you know what this means by the looks of it, but also it might disrupt the function of some sites you go on that needs to collect data from you)

    Hope this helped! :)

  • Helen

    Mine does that too, Grrrrr......, it's so annoying!  I hope someone knows how to get it off.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my Adobe.  I tried doing a full antivirus and malware scan on my computer.  Still won't go away!  Mine happens on Firefox and Chrome.  Explorer too I think.

    • ha14

      use revouninstaller to see if you installed a strange toolbar, or a program that is bundled with freeware for instance.

  • mal

    same probably as cindy  need to get this thing out of my system-help
                       thanks in advance

  • Aibek

    Hi Cindy,

    Were you able to resolve the issue using the suggestions above? Are you still seeing that pop-up everytime when trying to play the video? Let us know.

    • Helen

      These didn't work

    • ha14

      perhaps your pc is infected by somekind of plugin that was installed by a soft or malware. Boot to safe mode and scan your pc with malwarebyte antimalware, superantispyware, clamwin portable.

      install revouninstaller free version, open it and see you can find something strange there like a hidden toolbar, unwanted soft.

  • Jay

    does it happens on any particular site or when playing all the videos on any sites ? if the  site is the problem then search videos elsewhere.
    Can you explain more ?
    is your flash updated ? http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
    may be it wants to store flash cookies, if you allow them, the prompt may stop appearing, else as I said use another site, if it is the only site troubling you.


    Hello, what browser are you using?  Is it Chrome? 

  • Jeff Fabish

    That's a little vague, can you give me the exact message? Why can't you store the flash data?

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