Why is there a pop-up on my Facebook whenever I want to create an album?

03 Dec 2011
03 Dec 2011 | |

I can not create an album on my Facebook. When I click on Create Album on my Facebook, there is a pop-up that has static.ak.fbcdn.net on top of the pop-up with a bunch of files in the pop-up.

So my questions are:

How can I create an album on my Facebook without the pop-up static.ak.fbcdn.net coming up?
How can I make this pop-up go away? I hope this helps.

The other description that I have that may sound the same as of the one above, but I’m trying to describe my problem to you so we can make this problem go away. So here is my other description:

How do I delete static.ak.fbcdn.net? Or what should I do?

static.ak.fbcdn.net pops up when ever I click on Create Album on Facebook and I can’t Create Album because of the pop-up. It seems to me that my Create Album Link on my Facebook is broken and that is maybe why I get the pop-up that I am getting. I’m not sure of this, or why I am getting the pop-up that I am getting. Help! :/

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