Why is there a pop-up on my Facebook whenever I want to create an album?
Question by Michelle /
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I can not create an album on my Facebook. When I click on Create Album on my Facebook, there is a pop-up that has static.ak.fbcdn.net on top of the pop-up with a bunch of files in the pop-up.

So my questions are:

How can I create an album on my Facebook without the pop-up static.ak.fbcdn.net coming up?
How can I make this pop-up go away? I hope this helps.

The other description that I have that may sound the same as of the one above, but I’m trying to describe my problem to you so we can make this problem go away. So here is my other description:

How do I delete static.ak.fbcdn.net? Or what should I do?

static.ak.fbcdn.net pops up when ever I click on Create Album on Facebook and I can’t Create Album because of the pop-up. It seems to me that my Create Album Link on my Facebook is broken and that is maybe why I get the pop-up that I am getting. I’m not sure of this, or why I am getting the pop-up that I am getting. Help! :/

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Answers (10)
  • Michelle

    Who cares if its a total duplicate I just want the pop up gone!!!!! I am using Internet Explorer and I have my pop-up on. Internet explorer is the only internet browser that I can use. The computer company that i am using only uses Internet Explorer. I am Using Internet Explorer 8. I have 2 facebooks, and my mom has one. My mom has no problem with her facebook and I just recently made another facebook with no problem. On my other facebook I didn’t have a problem with the pop till somewhere after October of this year 2011. I was putting alot of photos on my facebook and then one day i couldn’t create no more albums on my facebook  because the pop up popped up. I just want it gone.

    • Jay

      Michelle, I tried a lot to convince you that it is not an annoying pop up,
      it is a box that lets you select photos to upload, but for some strange reason, you did not listen to me.
      And everybody started talking about host file, ignoring the simple fact that it is just a select file dialog box.

      I will try once more with the same instructions with the screen-shots, and this time, Please do as I say:

      see the screen-shots:

      0. copy and paste all the pictures that you want to upload to the desktop.
      1. click on create album
      2. now you will see those pics on the “pop up”, select those pics to upload them, and click open after selecting.
      3. proceed further and finish album upload.
      4. Done. album is uploaded.

      Your question is simple and so is the answer, do not make it complicated for others who don’t know that it is simple.
      (and you already have a link of album upload, you can bookmark it and use it in addition to this option.)

      I hope you will stop calling it a pop up, it has a clear title which means: select images to upload to album.

    • MissT

      I had exactly the same problem as Michele and your instructions dont work for me either. After selecting the pics and clicking open nothing happens. Doesnt matter where the pics are stored, FB wont create and album and pics dont upload anywhere.  However have tried again using Firefox and the album uploads fine!

    • Jay.0

      Michele had a different problem, I guess.
      She successfully created album using this URL


      This is her comment :

      I never had such problem in IE.

    • Denise Sloane

      Jay your obnoxious answer doesn’t seem to understand what Michelle is saying.  There are some photos that don’t appear when this static.ak opens for albums verses when you try to uplaod one photo.

  • James Bruce

    It wuld help if you posted your OS and browser. 

    Try a different browser, first. 


    Hello, just for your info:  The pop up you are getting is just telling you the following: 

    ak.fbcdn.net  =  What this means is that facebook uses akamai as content delivery network

    What akamai is and what it does:


    If you want to get a description of what a content distribution network or CDN is and why it is used, read the following:


    So what this is telling you is that the pop up should be there…you can not delete it….you can stop or prevent it from appearing by using a good pop up blocker but the best solution is to use a different browser.  I read some of the previous responses in the other question you asked.  Did you try using a different browser like firefox or chrome?  If you use any of these browsers with a pop up blocker, this does not show.  Even if you use internet explorer 9….this doesn’t show….it just takes you to page where you can upload your pictures,albums, etc.  Hope it makes it clearer. 

    Did you try posting a question in the facebook help center?


  • Sonny Bass

    Jay responded to you over 30 times last time you ask this

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