Why is there a pop-up ad in my blogspot blog?
Question by Anshul Dixit /

I run a blog at www.knowledgehub.co.in. It is on blogspot platform. For past few months there is a weird problem. When someone opens my blog, a full page pop-up ad appears. Sometimes it appears on opening the blog, and sometimes this happens on clicking on a post title.

I checked Google Webmaster tool for any malware on the site, but there isn’t one. I also removed some external widgets one by one to see if that fixes the problem, but no success :(

I hope with thousands of members on MakeUseOf, I will get a solution to my problem.

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Answers (9)
  • joomla templates

    hi, how to remove clicksor ads from blog.
    I download templates from the internet and got many popup

  • Mido

    thanks nice topic

  • Anonymous

    go to another pc and install pop up blocker, then open your blog and see what you will have.Well you have to remove all widgets and gadgets one by one, to see who is doing this. Also is possible that a comment in a blog actually is a spam, so you have to recheck all your comments from the day that the pop up started.do you have whos.amung.us, if yed remove ittry to see if someone added infinityads.com in your blogREMOVE geovisite.com widget from your blog, which represents ONLINE WORLD in your pagedo you have “Tweet This” gadget, then remove ithttp://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2010/01/blogger-blogs-redirecting-to.htmlthings to do1. Remove all post2. Change template3. Remove all the widgets and reinstalling them one by one.

    • Anshul Dixit

      sounds like a lot of work, but yeah i’ll follow each and every step. Let’s see if it works. Will keep you posted.

      Thanks for the help :)

    • Camille Diola

      Were you able to solve it? Mine also has a pop up, and it’s even not nice.

    • professional thesis writers

      So was the problem solved in the end?

  • Anonymous

    .just change to a Blogger template (Minima) and abandon your custom template, as this seemed the easiest way of handling the problem. RankWidget Injecting Clicksor Ads on Your Sitehttp://greasyperson.blogspot.com/2008/03/rankwidget-injecting-clicksor-ads-on.htmlyou can be surprised to see that it is not just the pop-up under that s added but a clicksor contextual ad is also there. Some reported that technorati rank widget provided by RankWidget was a
    responsible since itself was hacked.

    If you have a plugboard on the blog then someone must have put a site on there that can cause the problems

    • Anshul Dixit

      Thanks for the reply. I don’t want to abandon my template as I have made a lot of customizations to it :(. I’ll want to do that only in the extreme case.

      I do not have technorati widget on my blog, but I do have widgets to show Alexa Rank, Site stats and Page Rank. I have removed them for the time being. Let’s see if this works.

      Thanks a lot for the help. Will inform you about the results.

    • Anshul Dixit

      Removing widgets that showed Alexa Rank, Sitemeter site stats and PR did not remove the problem :(. Any other solution ?

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