Pocket Internet Connection: How To Increase its Speed?
Question by sumit /
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PI am using aircel pocket internet connection mobile to pc vie blue tooth but the connection speed is only 115kbps.

How can i increase connection speed ?

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Answers (3)
  • Samreaper111

    using cable..will increase your speed..definatly..as wireless speed is detected by 1/4....

  • Dk..

    Sumit, its your modem speed (115.2 kbps), not the actual speed that you are recieving. Try switching on to different operators such as BSNL or Airtel. Note that your modem speed will remain the same, i.e. 115.2 kbps, but the speed that you would recieve (surfing/downloading) would definitely increase.
    You can also switch to Tata Photon+, or MTS MBlaze if your internet consumption is high but that would cost you more.
    Using a USB cable will not solve the problem, you can continue using bluetooth..!

  • Jack Cola

    Bluetooth speed is only so much. The best connection will be through a cable. Find a USB cable for your computer that fits into your phone and you should receive much higher speeds then if you do it through bluetooth. 115kbps inst that bad in some parts of the world.

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