Why isn’t my plug-and-play external DVD drive working?
Question by Jake Nelson /

My DVD burner in my Toshiba laptop stopped reading CDs so I went ahead and bought an external DVD-RW/CD-RW Gear Head device. It is not being detected via plug and play. After searching I saw alot of  people with the same problem. How can I fix it?

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Answers (2)
  • ha14

    can you boot to bios and see if there is an option like enable cd/dvd reader support?

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Does your DVD writer shows up on device manager list?
    If yes,does it have yellow exclamation mark on it?

    You can try the solution provided by Microsoft –


    Have you enabled power management settings in your laptop?Might be your external DVD writer might not have been getting enough power for running it.

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