How can I play YouTube clips on my computer?
Question by george /

I can’t play YouTube clips. I have both RealPlayer and Windows Media installed. How do I fix so I can play them?

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Answers (5)
  • Tina


    how or where are you trying to view those YouTube clips? Did you download them or are you viewing them through YouTube?

    Which browser are you using? And what version of Windows do you have?

    If you downloaded them, what file type are they in? VLC Media Player should be able to play them. For the other players you may need codecs to playback the file format.

    • James Bruce

      Tina, he just needs Flash.

      George, download flash plugin. , although I seriously suggest you get Chrome browser, which includes it already, and would have prompted you download it if you didn’t. The fact your browser didn’t tell you that you need a particular plugin makes me suspect youre using Internet Explorer.. 6? You’re running a security risk by using it. 

    • Tina


      if he needed just Flash, then I’m sure an error message directing him to download Flash would pop up in his browser. I think even Internet Explorer is that smart. I suspect that it’s not that easy and hence all my questions. :)

  • Tina

    Yes, but if Flash is the problem, the browser indicates it and also provides a link to where the update can be downloaded. At least Firefox does that and I think I remember also seeing that in IE.

  • James Bruce

    I doubt it. Probabaly just need updating. Flash isn’t dependant on the browser as far as I know. 

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