How can I play Xbox 360 games on my PC?
Question by Amos Tanaveka /
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Can I convert an XBOX 360 game to a PC game? Are there any programs that could help?

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Answers (70)
  • venkatesh

    hi friends i want to download the xbox 360 emulator to use it in my computer can any one plz gie me the link

    • Coffee Monster

      dude, watch out for MAME & Xeon "supposed" emulators. They don't work. Plus, Macintosh already has an XBox 360 emulator, but they claim it's still in Beta stage. The afore mentioned processor of the XBox 360 (Power PC) IS a MacIntosh 128-bit processor. There is no PC that can rival that - Atleast not that I've seen.

      -Monstruo del Cafè

  • Tiegan

    I have the free windows 8 preview on my computer from and there is no x-box 360 emulator

  • george

    how i can play prototype 2 XBOX 360 in my computer

  • george

    hello. how i can play PROTOTYPE 2 XBOX 360 IN MY PC ?

  • Rodger Smith

    Hello, When I had my tax return, I bought a $2,000 computer with a emiulotor(cant spell), I can play any game on max settings. :p

    (I just ied assholes XD)

  • Pat

    Idk about youAdrian but my PC can play crysis 2 max settings, and yes I got "AA on and all that jazz"

  • rocky

    if these are the rumors then what is thes guys dowing on youtube

  • alex

    an emulator may not be the answer but if you install the Xbox OS on a separate partition like you can do with Mac OS. Exspecialy seeing as mac and windows completely diferent .so you have the drawback of playing it within windows but on its one so that i could be played even on laptops .

  • Davie

    Guys, the XBox 360, although being a profit maker for Microsoft in many ways, is also a deal-breaker due to the number of faults it had in initial releases. The only reason it's picked up is due to the 'S' Type console that doesn't crash even a quarter as much as the original rig. Due to the overheating CPUs and GPUs, Microsoft had to pay a fortune to importing and exporting for customers outside the U.S. for doing repairs to E-73 and RROD errors for free, and if it failed to repair the console they'd simply need to replace the device. So for every console released out there, there would need to have a 2nd one in manufacture to replace it when it broke.
    Also, Microsoft wouldn't miss out in shares on the PC system due to the fact they have the XBox 360 controller for PC, they have PC accessories for sale out there, yes they're having to bear with the rest of the PC Accessory developers out there but it doesn't mean that there's not a lot of people out there happy with a MS Keyboard and mouse set.
    Also, run the numbers. If you buy an XBox 360 'S' Type for £160, okay it can run XBox 360 games for you and it can run them smoothly, and it's only £160, a lot cheaper than having a PC. But if you take away the console, okay you lose £160 but you can gain over £800 from the regular gamer as they will need to buy the components necessary to run the recommended specs. So if you take 160 from 800 you end up with 640 profit from console to PC.
    Basically what I'm saying is, if Microsoft swapped to the PC hardware and construction business as well, they'd make a helluvah lot of money. Okay, so the point is made, pop an emulator on the new version of Windows and they risk losing money on XBox 360 hardware, but for the loss they made initially, it'll be less of a kick in the teeth. Besides, if they take off with the 720 and the SAME problems reoccur, you do realise how badly Microsoft are gonna get it from the general public. The same mistake twice? Wouldn't go down too well.

    The whole point is that there are also some people out there who do not WANT XBox 360 consoles anymore. They can just be too unreliable. So why wouldn't Microsoft want to possibly export the NXE Dashboard as an application to the PC? The number of people that would pay £60 for the dashboard alone is unfathomable. And besides that, the general public do NOT pay attention to the finer details as much as they should. If the specs say "recommended" and "minimum" they'll run to the minimum more than the recommended as it's cheaper, meaning regardless they'll need to spend a lot more money. Microsoft wins.

  • Jagjeetl55


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