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Tobias Rieper March 3, 2011
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Hi all MakeUseOf users!!!

I had in the past trouble with playing flash games hosted on a website in offline mode. Problem was solved soon thanks to the cache, live http and other methods. Then came up the site locked feature that gave me headaches. Problem was solved, too thanks to XAMPP. And a few days later, when I just grabbed an awesome game and tried ALL methods known for saving it, SURPRISE, there is a new unknown feature that doesn’t let me play offline. :((

The feature can be seen in this or any other game from this site. The game looks 100% correct: scenes, AS, sounds etc. all are there (Thank You Flash Trillix :))) However, when I tried in Opera or other browser including standalone flash player – NOTHING.

Let’s clear some things. I really respect ALL programmers and developers work. Some of them deserve that and sometimes worth some bucks. I only make this because of my ISP that sucks and unable sometimes to give me some bits when I want them badly. I only used decompilers just to find out the trick behind the lock feature and NEVER distributed them or recompiled. I am one of the good guys!!! :)) I only want some fun time when I am sad because of my ISP!!!

So far I saw something related to an script that pings to a web site the moment I play(not 100% sure) or maybe there is something inside Action Scripts like Japanese written scripts because site is Japanese (still not 100% sure). I have no idea what it is, but if u have, feel free to let me know!!! At least I have a start point in my Quest!

Hope somebody will give me an answer. Thank You in advance!

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