How can I play downloaded ISO files on my PSP v6.6?
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Please show us how to play downloaded ISO files on a PSP-E1004 with system software version 6.60. Thank you very much.

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Answers (4)
  • piggs

    you need the 6.60 version

    First download this file – LCFW-6.60 ME-1.6.rar
    Then copy the files to the file named “PSP” in your memory card.
    Next go to your memory card (without the “USB Mode”) and click on the application named “LME Installer for 660″.
    Install the modules and your PSP will restart.
    The next thing you will do is launching application named “LME Launcher for 660″
    Go to “System Definitions”, “System Information” and you wil see that the “System Software” is no longer 6.60 but 6.60 LME-1.6.

    After this you can play games donwloaded from the net with your memory card.

    remember this is temporary

  • Aibek

    Are you sure that the Youtube link is a correct one. I am getting “The URL contained a malformed video ID.”

  • Anonymous

    It should be PSP homebrew, otherwise you can’t play ISO games.

    you put the games “ISO” or “CSO” that you want in the “ISO” folder is the root of your PSP memory stick. If there is no folder “ISO” create one. 
    Putting Game ISO/CSO on your psp.

    PSP Filer

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