How can I play AVI files on my new TV?
Question by Claire Holford /

I just bought a Toshiba 22DL702B. The main thing I wanted to use it for was to play .avi files, but whenever I plug in my USB, it says unsupported format. Is there any other way of playing these files? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Answers (13)
  • Alisa Fish

    You need to know what format is playable on your TV, and then convert AVI video to the right one.

  • Jeremiah Iliffe

    You could convert the file using a converter such as Handbrake or google for some other options

  • shaurya gupta

    Use audials available on the MUO rewards page to convert form avi to someother supported format….And try formatting the usb drive.

  • Gerald Derricutt

    I had troubles with sony playback,
    your video needs to be in avi format or xvid sound use mpeg2
    best thing to do is to try it on a small video clip first to try,then you are not wasting a lot of time
    my flash drive is formatted in xFat,
    if you don’t have the manual you can find it at
    Hope this is of some help

  • Ali Mirdadi

    If the usb is ntfs format, try to format it to fat32. It works in my tv but i use my harddrive

  • Dino Pearsons

    Using HandBrake ( you can convert your video files into Xvid, and you’ll be able to play them. The app is free and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

  • Alex Perkins

    Many TV’s only play MP4 for some reason, like my Samsung. I used Freemake Video Converter to convert my .avi and .mkv files to MP4.

  • luke clayhill

    Hi I had the same problem. My best advice would be download “any video converter professional” it’s free, and easy to use. Convert avi into whatever format your Toshiba uses.

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    what it says that is, the device doesn’t support the file format of your USB device. try formatting it to FAT32 to and see… it should work.

  • Adrian Rea

    Actually, does the term “Unsupported format” come up when you plug your USB in, or when you click a file to play? Your USB must be FAT32 formatted not NTFS or other. It must be USB2 compaitible. Can you see the files you want to play?

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