Why can I ping websites, but not access the internet using IE or Firefox?

Levi Sheriff March 9, 2010
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I have a computer that I have dumped and reloaded Windows XP at my home. I was able to get on the internet and download all of the Service Packs. I shut down.
Took the computer to the neighbors house who is on a different broadband ISP. I was on technical support with that ISP they had me PING yahoo, google, and I did with no problem. 4 packets sent, 4 packets received. I was not able to access with IE6. In IE6, I went to Tools–>Internet Options–>Programs–>Hit the reset web settings button.
So, I brought the computer back home. Was able to get back on the internet and I downloaded FireFox. Went back over with the computer. Installed FireFox there. Couldn’t get to google. Then went to the control panel and into add/remove and removed IE as a Component. Then readded. Still not able to get on.

I am sure that it is something easy. I would appreciate your help on how I should rectify the situation and allow this person to get on the internet.

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