How can I forward pictures from Facebook to an email account?
Question by Sheila Savory /

I have received photos on Facebook that I want to forward via email. How can I do this?

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Answers (8)
  • Jahnezzy Eltime

    you have to download it first then you send it to your email account

  • Irshaad Abdool

    right click on the image.
    look from its file location, e.g

    copy it, then send it to your recipient for him/her to open the link directly in his web browser

  • Oluwaphemmy Popoola

    download by facebook first then foward it to your email after putting them in a zip folder

  • Alan Wade

    Click on the picture to open it.
    Right click and select Email or Send picture and it will open your email client inserting a link to the picture.

    Otherwise as the others have already said you would have to save the pic to your computer and insert it into an email.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Also,besides downloading and adding as a attachment in email,if the person to which you’re sending this has trouble viewing attachments,you can upload all those in image sharing sites like picassa and provide a link to it in your email.

  • Vipul Jain

    download and mail as attachment is the only way as of yet.
    Though if that friend is on facebook as well, sharing is the way to go :D

  • iStoopKid

    Other than saving the photos to your computer first then uploading them as attachments in your email, there is really no other way.

  • James

    I normally have to download them onto my pc or laptop then reload them into the email i am creating i dont know of any over way sorry

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