How can I make a picture show in an email rather than attaching it for the recipient to download?
Question by yossi /

I want to mail a picture. If I attach it to my mail notification, the recipient will have to download it. What if I want that picture not to downloaded, but displayed on the mail page? How can I do that?


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Answers (11)
  • Yossihorev

    At least i found it.. Didn’t find any other mail settings..

  • Yossihorev

    Attached is the “Mail Settings” menues i could find. Didn’t find any “Labs” though there is a “Managing Labels” section that has no resembleness to what you show.

    • James Bruce

      No, thats the help system. You want the actual mail settings for your account. 

  • Fu Man Chu

    Ok maybe it’s not the Rich Text then.. it was a long time ago, I may have just enabled a certain setting in ‘Labs’ (goto Mail Settings, then goto Labs, and then enable ‘Insert Images’). I’ve attached a screenshot. Check that out and report back if it worked.

    • Yossihorev

      Thank you Fu. I managed to do what you suggested after i changed the interface language to English. Withou English as Gmail’s language “Labs” didn’t exist at “Settings”. Thanks a lot !

    • Tina

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, Yossihorev!

  • Fu Man Chu

    In GMAIL, this is actually quite easy. Now I don’t know if you first need to go into your Gmail settings and enable ‘Rich Text’ , but once you have that there’s a button that you click on in the ‘compose’ page (I’ve attached an image to this post that will hopefully illustrate this) and that’s it. It will insert the picture as an ‘inline image’.

    So you click on that button that I’ve illustrated.
    Then, choose what image on your computer you’d like to put as an inline image.
    and send your email on it’s merry way.

    If you use Outlook Express or other email clients, then they will mostly just an option called ‘Insert’ in the toolbar. Select that and then select ‘Image’ (or ‘Picture’ depending on which email client you’re using).. and that’s that :).

    Hope this helps. Please make sure to see both images that I’ve attached to this post.

    • Yossihorev

      I tried your explanation with Gmail and couldn’t find the “Rich Text” button. Attached is a screenshot of “Compose”. I thin “Rich text” is enabled because there is “Simple text” option.
      Thanks a lot

  • Yossihorev

    I found in Linkedin: The mail should be coded as an HTML page with link to a web site where the image is located…

  • Yossihorev

    Gmail. I also use Yahoo and Hotmail.
    I didn’t find any “insert” at any of these mail packages. It all has “attach” but this is not what i want.

  • Gustavo Ibarguengoytia

    What email manager/suite are you using? Thunderbird, Outlook, gMail, Hotmail, etc?

    If you are using a specific email software try the Insert menu and select picture that should do the trick.

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