Why is my picture library in Windows 7 no longer working?
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The “Arrange by: Name” in my libraries quit working. Was working fine. Then just noticed it no longer works. This gives good description of how it used to work. Used to be able to see a list of 6 directories of Music Videos in one list. Here is a link: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/stay-organize-with-windows-7-libraries/

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Answers (2)
  • Anonymous

    Well, I think it all had something to do with Windows Media Player files located in c:usersUserNameAppDataLocalMicrosoftMedia Player directory. I had deleted the files based on information from an article on how to clear Media Player History.

    An article on the MicroSoft site "http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7files/thread/b19c873b-e3ec-4fac-9fc8-2925e534e597" led me to finding a way to rebuild those files.

    I have to tell you, that after backing up everything, I don't really know all the buttons I pushed. But it had to do with security and windows media player and indexing.

    So it works again. Yet, Why did it not come back after I restored from a backup? Oh well, the Moral to the story is, if you are playing around, do backup....

    • Anonymous

      Then it happened started happening again, this time Here is what I did:

      Since this appears to be associated with several things (security, sharing, library's and search)

      I decided to start from scratch.

      symptoms, I can not find any of the video files in the f:gatewayEntertainmentMusic Videos directory.
      also In the Library for Music Videos (explorer) the arrange by Name, size, date do not work.

      I noticed, that moving a file to another location may or may not make it available in search. (this could be because it takes time for search to be done)


      I deleted the Library (called Music Videos) to take that out of equation.

      I created a new directory structure for the files
      F:Entertainment_ Music Videos The Best of the Best
      0 Highlighted
      1 Diva's
      2 80's
      2 90's-00's Pop
      3 Country 1900's
      3 Country 2000's
      4 80's-00's Rock

      I moved the files from the old directories to the new ones.
      ------->NOTE that after a few minutes all of the files were in the Windows Search.

      Now I created a New Library, and added the directories to it.
      ------->Note that The library Arrange by feature now works, and search still works

      Shared the F:Entertainment_ Music Videos The Best of the Best with home group and all is still well.

      I had been only indexing my F drive so I could compare the number of files indexed with the number on the drive

      Since there are only system level things on C I am going to not index it (will keep it much smaller)

      There is only one more thing I can try to see if it screws things up
      That is share the Library. Not going to do that until afer I back everything up.

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