Why is my phone’s settings memory full, even after all settings have been deleted?

Nimbu Paani August 25, 2011
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Phone : Nokia 3610a (Symbian S40, version 5)

Problem in brief: Cannot add new mailbox, or make new configuration settings.
Reason: Memory Full

Problem in detail: My phone has ~25MB internal memory, of which I never use more than 1MB. Freeing phone memory and keeping it clean from hundreds of messages helps it in performing faster. The trouble is, after saving and deleting tens of configuration settings from different service providers, I cannot save any more. Not even after I empty my phone of all settings that there are! Not even after a factory reset! The settings memory cannot be a ROM, can it?

Does anyone else have this problem, or can anybody tell me why is my memory full, and how can i free some so that i can set up a new email mailbox?

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