What phone tracking app can I use to track my daughters’ Backberrys with my Android phone?
Question by Stacey /
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I need an app that is free but works well.

I have a HTC Wildfire (Android) and I want to be able to track the whereabouts of my 2 daughters who both have Blackberrys.
I’m not sure what I need to be able to do this. All help appreciated,


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Answers (4)
  • Peter

    just use google latitute

  • Staydreamer

    Who is uncle? I'm their mother, I don't appreciate your response. Your obvi a loser. You have probably never had a girl in your room!

  • Hddih

    insta map is good

    • Staydreamer

      Thanks. Would I be able to apply s password to the app to ensure they cannot disable or remove it tho?

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