Why can’t my phone read my microSD card when other devices can?
Question by Bryan Baz /
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When I insert my memory card it’s not detected on my mobile, but when I put it in another device it can be accessed. Does anyone know why?

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Answers (8)
  • Lekan

    How can i increase my nokia c1-01 phone memory

  • Erica Barhite

    Use this (xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com) for an email and send thing you need to your phone! But using your phone numbe(including area code). I hope this helps! This was very helpful for me because I sent all my ringtones from my computer to my phone! Its very simple.

  • Erica Barhite

    xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com use this as the email but with your area code and number...example-6071234567@vzwpix.com. This works!!! you just email things to your phone from your computer or anything! i hope this helps cause this is what I used for my ringtones!

  • kia tolley

    mine has exactly the same problem it has been working for months now, iv been able to access files everything. then the other day i noticed everything was gone? when i normally take out my memory card when it freezes etc it says 'media card removed' and when i put it back in it says 'media card inserted' now it doesnt say anything. it says insert media card when it is already there!! iv tried a different size media card still nothing. i need a quick fix and thats free! im 14 and iv got another phone so i aint going to pay money for an old blackberry thats packed up!! any ideas?!

  • Mike

    In most cases it's a compatibility problem. There are microSD cards (up to 4GB), microSDHC (4GB-32GB) and microSDXC (32GB to 2TB).

    For example a phone supporting only microSD cards won't recognize a microSDHC card. Wherein a phone supporting microSDHC will recognize both, SD and SDHC.

  • Anonymous

    reset or hard reset your phone (hard reset erase all datas, so prior this action do a backup of important files).

    Now also try with other microsd with different size, if the same problem occures then possible the card reader is out of life.


    Hello, it could be that the memory card is not compatible with your phone.  Sometimes phones are picky with the brand of memory card they use. Maybe you could get a different memory card from a know manufacturer. Try not to use the cheapest of the cheap

  • Jay.0

    Does your phone read other cards and can't read this particular card only ?
    If yes, Swap cards (and the data).

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