How can I permanently delete a fake Facebook profile someone else created with my data?
Question by Ankita saha /

I have seen that someone is using my picture and my personal information on Facebook and using slang in live chat.

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Answers (43)
  • seeta rajali

    i don’t know fake id is email only i knows name (rajali sita mgr) this name

  • seeta rajali

    someone make my facebook fake id plz block that id

  • abbu

    how can i delete an account which is created on my name and my personal details?

  • pranali ghag

    there is a repport/block link on your fake profile on the left bottom.
    cick it and select : This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake
    from choose type :
    you should : firest option “pretending to be me”
    your friends should select : “pretending to be someone i know”
    click on continue and confirm report.
    see images
    1st is for you
    2nd one is for your friends.
    tell as many as friends as you can.
    send a message or status to each of them.
    if you have a brother, sister or any relatives, add them to your family list.
    there are more possibility of removal of fake account if a family member reports.
    that’s what i think.

    Tell me what happened.

  • pranali ghag

    some one uses acc of my name and pic plz block that acc

  • shannu

    someone is using my name and photo in facebook please help me as soon as possible

  • yalda javid

    I want to block my this fake facebook account.

    • abbu

      just go to deletion account page and your fake e-mail address and password and enter the given code!

  • alka

    someone has made a facebook account on my name please help me to delete this account

  • gulrukh

    some one has created an account nd pretending to be me and im so tense he is spoiling my life he uploaded some pics which is harmfull to meee plzzz everyone help me

  • jaspreet cheema

    some one use my photo and personal information

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