Why is my pen drive not detected by any PC?
Question by Arun Sekhar /

I am using a Kingstons 4GB pen drive. When I connect it on any PC there is no action. Sometimes the power light of the pen drive blinks, but never shows an icon or any action on any PC.

I have tried it on every PC, but the pen drive is not detected. I have tried to find it by device manger, bur couldn’t get it. What else can I do?

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Answers (31)
  • Rami Cruz

    Technique I saw when flash drive not working.
    When USB Flash drive is not being recognized at all my any PC in any USB port, I recommend to try this (this is no a spam video, its really does work):

  • lakshmi

    As the tip of my pendrive is shaky it was working when i lift and hold it. So I applied a little Quick fix glue at the tip as it was shaky and later totally it stopped working. My PC is not able o detect it at all. Any suggestions for this.

  • dhanunjayarao chunduri

    may it’s damaged in internal.

  • Jim Chambers

    There are a lot of counterfeit flash drives being sold in cut rate stores both physical and online.. Some have very cheap components while others are just empty cases. If the price was too good to be true, you probably got one.

  • Mohammed Ansaf

    Hello…….try this program “HP USB Disk storage Format Tool”

    It support all usb manufacturer not only HP

  • vijay singh

    I am using a Kingstons 4GB pen drive. When I connect it on any PC it show icon but it not open.

    I have tried it on every PC, but the pen drive is not open.device manger. What else can I do?

  • arunbalaji

    my pendrive is not working in my computer in not open & formate no t formate in pendrive in virus attack of my pedrive

  • Bhabani

    when i insert pendrive after strating of pc it doesnot shows the pendrive but when i restart pc with pendrive connected then it shows the pendrive. what is problem how can i solve it?

  • Kaashif Haja

    Few of my pen drives which i had earlier were not detected. I guess i should have read this article before throwing them out!!

  • Chinu Mehta

    try this…it will surly work for you..

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