john miller

Why does my PC keep restarting itself?

10 Jan 2012
10 Jan 2012 | |

My computer keeps restarting itself. It sometimes stays open for 10-45 minutes and restarts again. And sometimes restarts before even going to logon screen. And after the automatic restart, Windows says that some of the files of Windows are corrupt.

And sometimes when I open an application, it crashes over and over again. And says that some of Windows is corrupt, but the files get OK when I restart the computer manually.

I’ve already formatted my PC for like 10 times because of this problem, but it still does not get fixed. And also it displays a lot of errors while installing Windows and also restarts automatically without any warning while installing Windows.

And the most funny part is that when I open the PC in Safe Mode, it does not restart automatically.

I think that it is a RAM problem or something? Because I already changed the processor, power supply and the hard disk even.

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