Why does this PC say it needs to reinstall Windows, but then only reboot?

Juan Carlos Espinosa Agudelo October 10, 2012
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So (irrelevant story here) the cousin of a friend of my mom asked me to come over to her apartment, because a couple days beforehand, her cousin and son were fooling around with her PC and when it started acting/doing weird they just said ‘Virus!’ and shut the computer down.

They didn’t boot the PC since, so I was the first to do it and the first thing I saw in the middle of the boot up(After it said “activating/booting up services” or something like that): Windows install not complete(The PC and message is in Dutch though, but that serves no relevance). So first I asked her how long she had been using the PC(I thought it might be a new computer and she just never finished installing it), but she told me she had it for months.

After that I hit Ok to see what would happen and it said it would restart to re-install Windows. Then it restarted and the exact same message popped up once more. So now I’m wondering.

What’s the next step to take after this? And my apologies for not knowing if the PC used XP or 7.


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