Why is my PC power supply fan making a grinding noise?
Question by Marty /

PC power supply fan is making a grinding noise. Why?

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Answers (12)
  • Ed007b

    Not only power off and unplug your computer when you are going to open the case. There can be charge left. When unplugged hit the on/off button. Your PC may start up for just one second, charge is released.

    Never touch anything inside the PC that isn’t necessary, your body has charge too and a tiny current can damage electronics.

  • Szzlrfrank2003

    Also regarding the above suggestion a little lubrication inside were the blade meets the ball bearing will not hurt. Or you can just replace it with a new one.

  • Szzlrfrank2003

    The fan blade on my pc popped out of its ball bearing. Which caused the blade to rattle and eventually stop. Open the pc and ground yourself by having skin contact on the frame of the case. Remove the power supply and the fan of the ps. Try to access the blade somehow and push the blade back into the bearing. Be carefull not to break the fan housing

  • Shaun146

    it may be a leaking capasitor

  • Gomax

    how i open power supply i am not a computer engineeer any video for it if yes imform by my e mail gomax1990@gmail.com

  • Taty

    If it is an enclosed power supply fan, be very careful if you intend on opening it. Make sure you are grounded and that everything is disconnected. They can give you quite an electric punch (learned from experience…)

  • Zaid Pirwani

    The above two are correct, but let me also join the discussion, the PC fan may make noise because of many reasons:
    But for all the reasons you will need to open up the case and then close it afterwards, oh and do not forget to turn off and unplug everything from the CPU before opening the CPU case.

    1) Something(Wire, Bug) is coming in the way of the fan blades
    Ans: Remove it…

    2) One of the screws may have gone lose, if a screw is lose, the fan vibrates and makes NOISE..
    Ans: try tightening them, if the fan moves if you touch it.

    3) Maybe the fan has just worn out, broken, anything which has ended its life.
    And: get a new one and replace it or get it replaced…

    FYI… A noisy fan is a slow fan and a slow fan is of little or no use to keep a system cool…

    • Aibek

      oh yeas, loose screw is another possible reason for the noise


  • Anonymous

    an insect may hv entered to ur fan..
    after solve the prob. make sure to cover the opening sides of the fan as much as possible..

  • Aibek

    based on my personal experience it can be either caused by too much of dust or one od the cables being hit by the fan.

    (note: make sure to power off (and unplugg) your PC when you open the case and attempt to clean the dust)

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