How can I use my PC as a phone?
Question by Roy /

I currently have Comcast for my phone service and it is connected to my home phones through a single wall connection that in turn activates all other jacks in the house. Is there any way to also connect my PC into the system, so that I can answer the phone on my PC?

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Answers (7)
  • Lindajaussi

    What about google voice?  Will that work?

  • IslandCoffee_75

    There are a few voIP systems out there namely Skype, Magic Jack. You can go to and download. Its free PC to PC calls , or you can get your own personalised number for PC to Landlines or Mobile phones.

    There are also Voice messaging, call forwarding attributes that come with Skype especially.

  • Kyle

    What I use for my home phone is a service called magic jack that you can pick up at any Walmart or best buy. It is a little telephone jack that you plug into the USB port in your computer. When you sign up you get a phone number for people to call on. The first year of unlimited calling comes free with the purchase of the USB-phone converter and every year after is 20 dollars. I use it a’s my main telephone line. Although my computer has to be on all the time it’s much better than having to pay the phone company 30 bucks a month.

  • Anonymous

    You can start Windows Dialer.exe by going to:
    Windows–> Start–> Run–>
    Type in: dialer.exe in the Run input box. Then Enter.
    This will start Windows Dialer program.

    Express Dial Telephone Dialer

    Express Talk (SIP softphone)

  • Roy Rumaner

    Since my NIC has a RJ-11 port along with the RJ-45 network port, do you think that plugging in a phone line would let the computer act as a receiver? I have a microphone and speakers so a headset would not be necessary. I am wondering what software would be required to make this work. I think it would be a lot easier to answer the phone by pushing a button on the computer than having to reach across my desk to grab the handset.

  • Mike

    A very general guide is to get a Modem Card for your computer where you can plug in the telephone line and then use a compatible software to make phone calls using a headset.

    For example AVM offers this functionality with their AVM Fritz!Cards and the software that ships with it. But they only offer products for ISDN Telefone lines.
    Back when I had ISDN I used to run my own fli4l Router which would log all incoming phone calls while I was playing multiplayer games and didn’t want to answer the phone. ;-)

    The most important part is that there need to be compatible TAPI drivers (Telephony-API) for the Modem Card. Otherwise no Software will be able to use it for Telephone services.

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