How do I keep my PC up to date if I uninstall ASUS Live Update?
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I just bought an ASUS U56E, my first PC in a while. I’ve read that uninstalling ASUS Live Update is recommended as it’s buggy and doesn’t work. If I do that, what’s the best way to ensure my computer is up to date?

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Answers (8)
  • Ed

    Windows 7 will notify you if there is an updated driver for your system devices. You can see it on your notification bar.

  • Zac Tremblay

    this is awesome you guys.  I'm bookmarking several of these pages and can see my knowledge of my machine will increase considerably.  thanks for the advice and info & enjoy the super bowl.

    • Susendeep Dutta

       Happy to know that you're gathering so much knowledge and getting to learn new things.

  • Anonymous

    if it's buggy and doesn't really work, then get rid of it and use one of the methods suggested before me. You can always download software updates from the official website.


    Hello, personally, I do not believe in using software to keep system drivers updated.  I either keep them updated by visiting manufacturer's site or if it is a home built computer, I just visit the motherboard's manufacturer.  There is also the option of using device manager to keep driver updated.  The following link will take you to this site explaining several ways of updating drivers and also contains links for manufacturers:

    Other commenters have provided you with some options, here is one more:

  • Anonymous

    upto date drivers, softwares...several utilities can be found on the net.

    For Software
    Update Star


    for Drivers
    Driver Easy

    Slim Drivers

    Bios Agent

  • Chris Hoffman

    I have an ASUS laptop that came with this -- Live Update has never found any updates for my system. It's completely useless to me.

    You can download updated ASUS drivers and system applications from the official site. Here's the download page for your laptop:

    Most of the time, it won't be necessary to install these updates. You can pretty much ignore them.

    You'll still receive Windows updates from Windows Update if you uninstall ASUS Live Update. ASUS Live Update just handles ASUS software (or it would, if it worked.)

  • Susendeep Dutta

    I think that if ASUS Live Update software is buggy and hogs too much RAM and internet bandwidth,then you must uninstall it as its only task is to update your BIOS.

    For uninstalling it,it requires another utility and the steps for doing it is mentioned in the link below -

    In order to keep your system updated,you can install Update Checker -

    It's lightweight.

    And for the rest ,MUO has best article for this,

    6 Important PC Tools Most People Never Use -

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