What can I do if I don’t have a password or security code for my wireless modem?
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What can I do if I don’t have a password or security code for my wireless modem?

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  • Anonymous

    WirelessKeyView v1.35 – Recover lost wireless network key


    Hello, these are some links for you showing passwords for several brands.  This list is not only for routers:

     This following link shows you the default passwords and usernames for several brands of routers:

  • Tina


    most hardware comes preset with default username and password. So in case of your wireless modem, you could look up the defaults based on the model number and/or manufacturer.

    If that doesn’t work, for example if you were smart enough to change the password but then forgot it, I recommend resetting the modem to factory settings. That should make the defaults work again.

    Of course you can only do the latter if you have physical access to the hardware. And you should be able to obtain instructions on how to do it from the manufacturer. Or you share the model number and manufacturer with us and we can try to help you find out.

    Please let us know whether it worked!

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