Why can’t partitions made with EASEUS partition manager be seen during Ubuntu installation?

Rajeev Dandu May 12, 2012
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I made partitions with EASEUS Partition Manager 9.1.1. I made 1 primary partition for Windows 7 and 5 logical paritions. Before making paritions, I tried to install ubunt 12.04 64-bit and at that time I am able to see all partitions and unallocated space in my 500 GB hard disk.

After making paritions with EASEUS , again I tried to install Ubuntu 12.04, but I am not able to see the partitions and it’s showing that I have full 500 GB and not any partitions.

Is this because I made partitions with EASEUS?
I am able to see those partitions in Windows 7.
How to solve this?

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