How can I partition unallocated hard drive space without reinstalling Windows 7?
Question by ALINA RAJ /
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I am using Windows 7. I installed it on my PC but could not form partitions. I have 221GB of allocated space. How can I make a partition for it without reinstalling Windows 7?

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Answers (41)
  • bhargav dudani

    I have windows 7 ultimate instalated on my pc,i have already partationed it in 4 drive and i want one more drive i want to make athor partation but it give me error you your hardisk have maximum number of partation how can i solve it?

  • ni

    i have windows 7 installed and 5 partition and it all has data with it is there any way that i can give some memory of other partition to c driver with out lossing my data... plz help me my c driver(os in it) has very low size.

  • Bodi Hemanth

    1st in the search type computer management and then right click on the computer management and select the run as administrator.

    in that window click on the disk management and

    select the unallocated space right click on it and select create a partition you can choose how much space you want a drive follow the on screen instructions.

    i think this is must works for you.

  • dinesh

    it worked thanks!!

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    the easiest way is, to use the default partition manager.

    go to control panel -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

    from there, select your partition, and then right click and select shrink volume. specify the size, and done! :)

  • Edmar Diego

    just right click on the computer icon. then select manage there you'll find the disk manager.

    if this doesn't work that means you've already made a previous partition and really need a manually made partition with a bootable cd or usb drive.

    don't worry about your files windows will create a folder just for your old files.

    hope this helps.

  • stern

    Using disk management in windows 7.

  • Joel Alar

    You can still still partition unallocated drive by using a third party partition manager like paragon partition manager. I used this without any issues even you have a data on the drive that you want to partition.

  • Naoman Saeed

    If u have unallocated space then it is extremely easy just
    -> right click on computer->manage->disk management
    then right click on unallocated space and look for something like 'create new partition'

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