Who owns Zoho?

Joseph Monticciolo February 29, 2012
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I was wondering who owns Zoho.

I’m asking this question because I recently stopped using my Gmail account due to their new policy that they will be implementing as of March 01, 2012, i.e.: they’ll be storing and using personal information about its users [I do not like this] and created a Zoho account, which is an online office suite.

The issue at hand is that when using Zoho calendar, I see my Gmail address as (1) Organizer (2) Created by and (3) Modified by. Why is this?

I still haven’t deleted my Gmail account, but I will in due time. I searched my account and I do not see a way as to remove the latter information concerning Gmail. I searched this question and did not see that Google owns Zoho, however, if someone confirms otherwise then I’ll have to use another web based email service.

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