How can I make Outlook zoom eMails to 150% per default?
Question by Richard Stern /
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When using Outlook with MS Word as the editor, I receive emails in HTML. They are often too small to read so I zoom them 150%. But the zoom does not stick so that the next eMail requires the same zoom all over again. How do I make the zoom stick?

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Answers (6)
  • George

    I've tried to install your add-on but it does not install into outlook 2010, can you give me some options??

  • Greg415

    This is an interesting discussion, but most of the replies are about composing e-mails, not reading them.  If anyone has a solution to automatically zoom in on messages that are received (so they aren't so small), that would be great.

  • Reed

    Open MS outlook2010, click file>options> mail> compose messages> Stationery and Fonts> personal stationery> composing and reading plain text message> Fonts> as you desire.
    Close MS outlook 2010 and reopen it. You will have email in desired fonts.

  • Joe

    I have the same problem as Richard -- reading (not composing) emails. How do you set the zoom/appearance so that all emails that are opened to be read appear in a larger view? I don't see the solution offered above having anything to do with the problem.

  • Tina


    are your eMails zoomed to 150% per default now? Please let us know whether the advice you received from MakeUseOf Answers was helpful and how you did it? Thank you!

  • Anonymous


    In Outlook 2007, if we change the Zoom size of Mail Compose Editor for one mail that is going to be the default Zoom size for all mails. So you can change the default Zoom size from "Mail Composer -> Format Text -> Zoom"

    1. Open up a new email.
    2. Place the cursor in the body of the message.
    3. Click on the "Format Text" tab then on the "Zoom" button.
    4. Change the zoom to the desired level and click "OK."
    5. SAVE THE MESSAGE, which will now show up in the "Draft" folder, and close the email.
    6. Create a new email to verify the new default zoom level.
    7. You can then delete the email in the "Draft" folder.

    1) Open MS Outlook 2007 and select "Mail"
    2) Tools -> Options -> Mail Format -> Stationery and Fonts
    3)Click on the "Font" button, located below "Composing and reading plain text messages"

    4)Increase the scale setting to suit

    Font characteristics and other formatting are stored in the Word template you are actually using in WordMail. The default is

    To modify the Normal template, follow these steps:

    1. Quit Outlook. Make sure you close any e-mail messages, contacts, appointments, or any other Outlook related windows you may have open.
    2. Start Word.
    3. On the File menu, click Open.
    4. Change the Files Of Type to Document Templates (*.dot).
    5. Select and click Open.

    NOTE: The default location is in
    c:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeTemplates.
    6. On the View menu, click Zoom.
    7. Under Zoom To, click the percentage you want, and click OK.
    8. On the File menu, click Close.
    9. On the File menu, click Exit. If prompted to save changes, click Yes.

    Now when you restart Outlook, the zoom percentage will be as you set it in the template.

    1)Open Outlook and start a new mail message. Make sure the cursor is in the body of the email so you can access the Format Text tab. From there click on the Zoom button.
    2)This opens the Zoom dialog box where you can choose the percent of increase the size of the text.
    3)As you can see above there is a preview window, but the best way to judge the size is to use it in an actual message

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