How can I get an Orkut login link on my GMail account page?
Question by Jhon /

The Orkut link that is present in the toolbar above inbox, through which we can open Orkut directly, has disappeared from the toolbar. Now I am unable to login to Orkut from my GMail account.How can I get the link back?

Windows XP, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.

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Answers (7)
  • Dineshkumarrapolu

    hell frndz pls tel me orcut login pls tel me my orcut was delete pls help

  • renjith vp


  • Skhan Ind

    Look for orkut

  • Orkut Login

    Have a look @ Orkut Login site
    That has detailed instructions for how to login to Orkut

  • rajeshkhilari

    My Orkut link has also disappeared from the gmail toolbar. It also does not show up under more section.

  • Saikat Basu

    Are you sure that it has disappeared? Because it is not a software based toolbar but a mere webpage, so it is improbable that it has vanished just for you.Click on the ‘More’ arrow and see if Orkut is mentioned in the list of services. I am scratching my head on this one…

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