What’s the best way to organize my contacts?
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My contacts are a disaster. I finally organized my Gmail contacts, but how do I properly important them to my Mac’s contact book? And to my iPhone? I’m having problems with duplicate contacts, and when I try to merge them, I can’t – they claim to be from different accounts.

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Answers (16)
  • DJ Karry

    My iPhone contacts were in a complete mess too. I managed to properly organize them by following the advice posted in this Apple site page:



    Hello, what browser are you using when accessing gmail?  It could be that with that many contacts, you will not be able to see them unless you play with the zooming function in your browser.  Try to set the zoom to 100% and see if it works.

  • Anonymous

    are you using another plugin on Mac address book?

  • TB

    I synced gmail contacts with Exchange into iphone. 

    Yes the screenshot is what shows when I highlight "My Contacts" it says the correct number is there, but the names are not there at all.

    I did try clicking all the groups.  Strangely, some doubles are now showing up. 

    Auto suggestions are coming up when I compose emails.

    • Jay

      ok, so the main task is done, and now we have this strange thing.
      and you have your contacts, it's just that they are not on the list inspite of showing number.

      when i saw the screenshot, I thought there is some minor server error or browser error.
      as it has the number but not showing contacts,
      so one more time, can you restart your pc, or change the browser, just to confirm?

      I thought when you will click my contacts, it will show the contacts.

      the duplicates may be the result of the sync as you have these contact already in mac.

      also try to click on : "other contacts" and see if it shows you a list.

      and can you tell me does it make any difference if the list can't show contacts?  if we cant solve this, as you still have the access to contacts and the things will remain the same.

    • Jay

      remove duplicates in groups :
      go to a group
      click on more
      sellect: find and merge from the drop down

  • TB

    Hi Jay-
    I did the first thing that was suggested in this thread. 
    The contacts are in there, they are just not appearing... so strange!
    I restored, refreshed... all of them and still it looks like the screenshot from above...

    • Jay

      ok..we will try to solve this new problem..but at least tell me that the original task is completed or not? does your iphone or addressbook have google contacts now ?!

      i have never faced such situation so i will have to think and guess.

      1.did you try clicking my contacts and other options ?
      as your screenshots shows you have selected contacts only.

      2.and the main thing.
      check whether the contacts are not on the list, or they really dont exist.
      for that go to compose mail or similar option, when you see auto suggestions of contacts.

      if it does not show them, then the problem is bigger.

  • TB

    All of this is great.  Thank you.  But now I have a problem with my Gmail Contacts.  When I click the group "My Contacts" it says (6217) but not one name appears on the screen....  Any ideas?

    • Jay

      what method did you use? what exactly you did ?
      i think you should have used what fidelis suggested, so it would not have affected your gmail contacts, sync.

      why do you think this happened?
      did you sign out and sign in or refreshing the page ?
      try it and see if this shows contacts.

    • Jay

       ok, if refreshing does not work,
      and also if the recent process changed your contacts and you want your old contacts back.
      click on more>restore.
      then choose  time to restore.
      see screenshot of my gmail account.

  • Anonymous

    Sync your Mac Address Book with Google Contacts

    Spanning Sync 3 is the one app that syncs both iCal with Google Calendar and Address Book with Google Contacts


    hello, you could try the following:

    -- open gmail
    -- click on contacts
    -- select all contacts
    -- click on export
    -- in box that opens, select vcard option
    -- save it somewhere where you can find it easy.  The file will be saved with the .vcf extension

    Now do the following:

    -- open address book
    -- click on file option
    -- select vcard
    -- select import
    -- point the path to folder where you saved the exported contacts from previous instructions
    -- select import

    Your contacts should appear in your mac address book.

  • Jay

    i did not understand, what you asked in this comment.
    are you referring to gmail contancts?
    i think the simplest thing will be syncing contacts with microsoft exchange.

  • TB

    Thank you!
    And where do I make changes to-
    what is my "home base"
    Google Contacts?

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