Why can I not open the Play Store on my Android tablet?
Question by Gerardo Anguiano /
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How do I get the Play Store app on my Android Tablet Impression I 10?

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Answers (21)
  • kylie

    Please help my play store won't open it just keeps comin up with no connection and my tablet is conected to my wi-fi. I have uninstaled the updates but dosnt work please help....

    • keyla

      Have you gotten an answer for your question? I have the exact same problem and i really need to access it for the sake of my daughter.

  • edogun chelsea

    Why cant i access the google play store app on my Android tablet

    • bagdosz

      try this :
      1. soft reset or hard reset your tablet.
      2. if cant solve . find folder .android scure in your tablet delete it.
      in my case the main couses is the folder with name .androide scure

      bagdosz . indonesia.

  • amal

    I have playstore on my tablet and it used to work but now i cannot open it even i have internet connection.

  • Rajaa Chowdhury

    We have lot of similar low cost Android 4.0 ICS tablets in which the manufacturers do not give access to Google Play. My friend brought one such tablet from HCL (a Indian brand) known as the HCL ME U1 tablet. Yesterday we successfully installed and accessed the android marketplace on it without doing any rooting or custom ROM stuff or anything so the warranty on the device is intact. You can give it a shot. First search Google and download these APK files :
    1. GoogleServicesFramework-signed
    2. OneTimeInitializer-signed
    3. SetupWizard-signed
    4. com.android.vending-3.1.3-signed (For this last one you can try the latest Google Play Store APK file, though I haven’t tried it myself, so not sure if it will work or not, the one suggested here is a old version, which has been tested and tried and works)
    Once you have done that, go to your tablet setting and enable Unknown sources under security. Now tap and install the four APKs mentioned above in the exact sequence mentioned (this is very important and need to be followed). Once you have installed the four APKs, un-tick the Unknown Sources option under security in Settings and then reboot your tablet. The start-up process will take much more time now (in some cases upto 45 minutes) and once it is completed, a small window will come-up with the option of a launcher and setup wizard. First tick the below dialogue which says always use this as default and then select the launcher. Now you should find the android market icon in the app drawer or work-space. Enable your internet connection and tap it. First I will ask you for a Google Account. If you already have a GMail account, select existing or otherwise select new to create one. Once you have finished this step, you should logically have an access to the Google Play Store.
    Kindly give a feedback of how did it go. This at-least worked for my friend’s tablet and he is a very happy man now.

    The link I referenced alongwith the download link of the APK files will be found here : http://www.computric.com/2012/04/installing-google-play-without-rooting/

    • darren

      I get on my play store on my acer Android tablet it won't load the screen stays white

  • sarah

    Google play will not download on my tablet I have android 4 please help my

  • marcus

    How do i get the google play app to work on my coby kyros MID8125Android Tablet?

  • VS Vishnu

    signed in to google?

  • Abby Rakshit

    Maybe you haven't signed in with your account or the app doesn't exist, either try rebooting or refreshing the OS

  • Totoy Badiola

    You cannot. Even if you side load the Google Play app, it will crash on launch. However, you can find a wide collection of apps to download from the Amazon appstore.

    Otherwise, you can root it. Here's a link that may help you but I strongly suggest that you DON'T. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfYIONhts7Y

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